The new birth of democracy in Chile,
by José Piñera (Economía y Sociedad Nº 96, July-August 2018)
Made in Chile: Open Letter to Charles Krauthammer,
by José Piñera (November 13, 2007)
How democracy was restored in 1990,
by José Piñera (La Tercera, November 2006)
How democracy was destroyed in 1973,
by José Piñera (Society Journal, September 2005)
The truth about the return to democracy, by general Fernando Matthei (El Mercurio, January 10, 2012)
The truth about political violence in Chile, by James Whelan  (The Australian, December 15, 2006)
Thatcher on Pinochet at the Conservative Party Conference (Blackpool, October 6, 1999)
How José Piñera stood up for human rights and democracy during Chile’s military government, by Soames Flowerree (March 1, 1993)

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