"Social Security privatization is, nowadays, the single most important step toward a society of liberty. It combines personal freedom with widespread property ownership, and those are the pillars of a free society."

Edward H. Crane
President Cato Institute

"José, thanks for coming to Austin to share your wisdom. Congratulations on making a difference."

George W. Bush, President, USA

"We can learn a great deal from your country's bold initiative. José, you are a strong and thoughtful voice. Your legacy is secure."

Mack McLarty, Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton

"The general broad principles, which are somewhat similar to the Chilean type system, are a valuable first step in moving toward a solution."

Alan Greenspan
Chairman, Federal Reserve

"As an African American and former welfare mother, I can't imagine anything more empowering to the working poor than Jose's proposal of personal retirement accounts for everybody."

Star Parker, President, CURE

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How Bush Lost Personal Accounts, by Peter Ferrara and Denison Smith (2008)
USA and the Chilean Libretita, by Marvin Olasky (July 2002)
Website of the Cato Institute Project on Social Security Choice

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