Chile [1980] - Peru [1993] - Australia, Colombia [1994] - Uruguay [1996] - Mexico [1997] - Bolivia, El Salvador,Hungary, Kazhakstan [1998] - Hungary [1998] - Poland, Sweden [1999] - Hong Kong [2000] - Costa Rica, Latvia [2001] - Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Russia [2002] - Dominican Rep., Kosovo [2003] - Korea, Lithuania [2004] - Nigeria, Slovakia [2005] - Macedonia [2006] - Romania [2008]

"No one has done more to empower workers to save and invest for retirement than José Piñera. His vision has spawned an investment revolution in over a dozen countries in South America, Europe, and beyond. José Piñera is proof that one person can change the world."

John Sununu, US Senator.

"If you were asked to name one person who has enabled more people to gain wealth and security than any other person on the globe, who would you name? In 1881, here in Berlin, Otto von Bismarck started the world's first modern pay-as-you-go social security system which served as the model for the U.S. Social Security system and that of many other countries, including setting the retirement age at 65. No, Bismarck is not the answer to the opening question. The answer is José Piñera."

Richard Rahn, Chairman Institute for Global Economic Growth.

Toward a World of Worker-Capitalists.

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