"Chile's Social Security reform was the most profound challenge to the welfare state in a generation. Thatcher and Reagan came later. The backlash against welfare started in Chile."
Niall Ferguson, The Ascent of Money, 2008

"José Piñera has championed the biggest, the boldest and arguably the most succesful pension privatization of modern times."
Bill Jamieson, Economics Editor, Sunday Telegraph.

"A radical transformation of social security has been initiated in Chile, and we should give it a close look. It is the creature of a young and brilliant Harvard Ph.D. in economics. His name is Jose Piñera and he is the minister of labor." 
William F. Buckley Jr., The Boston Globe, November 20, 1980

"The Chilean system is perhaps the first significant social-policy idea to emanate from the Southern Hemisphere." 
Joe Klein, Newsweek, Dec. 12, 1994

"As the U.S.Ambassador to Chile at the time Jose Piñera developed his plans, I saw first hand how this group of committed free market economists, transformed Chile into a free society, fighting for freedom, democracy, and individual rights under the most difficult internal and external circumstances." 
George Landau, United States Ambassador to Chile, 1977-1981.

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